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2020 Mid-Year Update

2020 Investment Outlook: Building Durable Portfolios for Volatile Times

2019 Mid-Year Update

Key Changes to the Oregon 529 Plan!

Oregon recently changed plan administrators on its direct-sold 529 college savings plan, and also enacted a series of meaningful changes to plan investments options that will impact how existing assets are invested. What you think you own may no longer be true. Read our synopsis of the important changes here:

NFT on Oregon 529 changes

Why we use ETFs in portfolio construction

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been an integral part of our portfolio construction methodology for over two decades, alongside individual security selection. ETFs provide portfolio managers and investors exposure to defined indexes for a very reasonable fee – especially compared to traditional mutual funds – and provide superior tax efficiency to their mutual fund brethren when held in taxable accounts. Our objective is to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns net of fees and net of taxes, and ETFs are a fine tool to achieve those results. A primer on ETFs: