• We believe in being the most transparent and authentic investment firm possible in all aspects of our relationships with our clients and in acting with non-negotiable integrity.
  • We believe it is a privilege to manage other people‚Äôs money, and we take that responsibility very seriously.
  • We believe that most individuals are being taken advantage of in their relationship with their financial advisor.
  • We believe that a combination of active and passive investment management, using both individual securities and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), is the optimal approach to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns, net of taxes and fees, over an extended market cycle.
  • We believe in doing our own independent market and security research.
  • We believe that one should not be tied to a single investment strategy, as times and market change, and our strategy evolves accordingly. That said, we favor growth at a reasonable price, income generators, and out-of-favor stocks.
  • We believe your investment counsel should help you make money outside of the portfolios we manage.
  • We believe that fees matter and that advisors should not be compensated by or through the products they recommend to clients.
  • We believe our advice is valuable and can point to instances where it has been worth multiples of what our clients paid for it.
  • We believe that you should know exactly how much we are compensated in serving our clients.

– William Ross & Whitney Dow