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2023 Mid-Year Update

In our last commentary, we suggested that a higher-for-longer interest rate environment, flattening global growth, and fears of an impending recession would put pressure on equities over the short-term. While we still hold that perspective, we were clearly a bit early in expressing that view and have been a bit surprised by the level of optimism and enthusiasm of late. The tug-of-war between fundamental investors respectful of traditional econometrics, and momentum strategies that embrace a psychology of exuberance and complacency with risk, has favored the latter.

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2023 Investment Outlook

In this space twelve months ago, our view was that rapidly rising global inflation and the resultant restrictive monetary policy would create challenging conditions for capital markets, and that a defensive position was called for. That position proved valuable, as a bias toward risk aversion avoided meaningful capital losses.

2022 Mid-Year Update

Coming into the year, our capital markets positioning was cautious given extreme valuations, rising inflation, and questionable prospects for continued growth. Our assumption was that an intense rise in prices for consumers — driven by a decade of accommodative monetary policy following the Global Financial Crisis extending through the COVID era — would need to be countered by a deliberate slowing of the economy through tightening economic conditions.

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2021 Mid-Year Update

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2021 Investment Outlook: Embracing Diversification and Managing Risk Amidst Global Uncertainty

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